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Dance at LSS focuses on building a strong foundation of skills from which students can begin to explore and choreograph their own movement.  Throughout the semester, students experience many different styles of dance from jazz to contemporary, theatre to hip-hop.  At the senior level, dancers may also take a choreography course where they learn how to create their own dances by manipulating the elements of movement.


D ~ Discipline

To gain the strength and coordination required in the dance world, a dancer spends many hours in the studio.  This means that dancers also have to demonstrate discipline outside of the studio in their daily life to stay on top of their school work.

A ~ Alignment

Our bones and muscles act together to keep our bodies functioning efficiently.  Dancers study alignment to create specific aesthetic lines onstage as well as to stay injury-free.

N ~ Neurobiological

Research shows that ‘muscle memory’ develops through adolescent.  By connecting to the deepest tissue level of our bodies through focus and breathing, dancers learn different relaxation techniques to de-stress and reconnect.

C ~ Community

All of the performing arts require a community to come together in order to produce a show.  Dance is very demanding on all participants as every member of the class must work with the same level of commitment to make a performance successful.

E ~ Expression

When you ask someone why they dance, they will usually first speak of the connection between performer, song, and audience.  Dance is a way to express emotions, stories, or ideas close to our hearts or from the past.


Dance Performance: 9, 10, 11, 12

Dance Intensive: 9, 10, 11, 12

Dance Choreography: 11, 12