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Photography 11

This course lays the foundation for understanding and appreciating the visual world of Photography. The course introduces students to the 35 mm SLR camera, exposing, developing and printing black and white images, producing candid photos, landscapes, natural light and studio lighting portraits, action photography and class projects. Students will also use Digital SLR cameras with photo editing in Photoshop CS5, including adjusting levels and curves, sharpening, channel mixers and extractions and shadows.  This course publishes the school yearbook. Students will learn to use Indesign CS5 to produce layouts with their photographs, articles and captions. Students should be prepared to work outside of class to finish deadlines when necessary.



Photography 12

Photography 12 builds on skills acquired in Photography 11. There will also be opportunities to focus on areas of interest. A major portfolio assignment will showcase acquired skills. Students in this class will take a greater responsibility for yearbook production and should be available to take photos at events as well as be responsible about completing deadlines.

Students must have successfully completed Photography 11 to apply for Photography 12 (or have teacher permission from Mr. Leonard or Ms. Turpin).


For questions and further information regarding the LSS Photography Program and/or Yearbook, please see Mr. Leonard or Ms. Turpin anytime.


Brian Leonard       bleonard@sd35.bc.ca

Colleen Turpin       cturpin@sd35.bc.ca