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Home Economics

Courses Offered:

FAMILY STUDIES 11 (MFM11) This course will help develop skills that are rarely taught in the high school curriculum. The concept of learning to “know thyself” is what the course is centered around. Developing insight into who you are, how to improve self esteem and self image, as well as the influences that are involved are key components of this course. Effective communication skills will be discussed and developed that will enrich your life and those around you. Building positive relationships and the ability to improve them will also be explored. The course will also incorporate what it means to be an adolescent and the influence one can have in one’s community.

FAMILY STUDIES 12 (MFM12) If your future plans involve having children and/or moving out of your parents’ house this is the course for you. The two modules we cover in this course are Child Development and Parenting, and Housing and Living Environments. Be prepared to learn all about pregnancy, childbirth, child care and development, as well as the opportunity to take an electronic baby home for the weekend to experience the realities of parenthood. As well, you will learn valuable life skills, such as information about renting and owning, the cost of living on your own, available housing choices, and designing and furnishing your own place.

FOODS AND NUTRITION 10 (MFDN10) Open to grade 9 and 10 students “I’m hungry, what can I eat?” Learn how to prepare quick, tasty snacks and healthy meals that you’ll enjoy eating. (They’ll get rave reviews from your friends and family too).

FOODS AND NUTRITION 11 (MFDN11)\ Open to all grade 11 and 12 students Prerequisite: None Exercise your culinary talents and become the “galloping gourmet” of your own kitchen. Some of this year’s highlights will include foods from around the world, and a chance to experiment with recipes of your own choice. This is a course that you are sure to enjoy.

INTRODUCTORY FOODS AND NUTRITION 12 (MFDN12-1) Open to all grade 12 students Prerequisite: None “Oh no, I’m moving out soon and I don’t know my way around the kitchen!” This course has been designed for grade 12 students who have not taken Foods 11 but would like to learn how to prepare nutritious and creative meals. Once you’ve completed this course, you will feel comfortable enough to prepare culinary delights for yourself and friends!

ADVANCED FOODS AND NUTRITION 12 (MFDN12) Prerequisite: Foods & Nutrition 11 Students must have a background in foods and be able to work independently This course is for food enthusiasts who are eager to improve their food preparation skills and who are willing to accept a challenge in the kitchen. Students will be given the opportunity to plan meals and choose their own recipes. A culinary tour of the world’s finest foods is always popular, as well as the opportunity to explore new and exciting entertaining ideas.

TEXTILES 10 (MTXT10) Open to grade 9 and 10 students The major focus of this course involves acquiring essential machine and hand sewing skills that will allow students to sew with confidence and to produce a variety of textile items, i.e. t-shirt or sweatshirt, skirt or pants, a craft product, such as wool slippers or fleece mittens, a book bag. Open to both boys and girls!

TEXTILES 11 (MTXT11) Do you want to learn to sew? Do you have experience and want to expand your sewing skills? This course is designed to appeal to different skill levels. Start with a basic top or the intricacies of a tailored shirt; after that, you’re free to explore and expand your talents with a variety of fabrics, techniques and projects.

TEXTILES 12 (MTXT12) Textiles 12 is designed to appeal to students of all sewing abilities. You’ll start the year off building your skills, learning about fashion, and how to apply design principles to create garments that flatter you. Once you’ve expanded your skills with a class project, you’ll go on to create garments using a variety of fabrics and techniques.