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Welcome to Physical Education at L.S.S!

Our department members are:

  • Mr. Pulice (P.E. Department Head)
  • Mr. Kardos
  • Mr. Wyse (Athletic Director)
  • Ms. Ellis
  • Ms. Bay
  • Mr. Mahil
  • Mr. Harris


PE Staff 2015



Junior P.E.

Physical Education 9 PE 9 is an extension of PE 8 where emphasis is placed upon exposure to a range of activities.  Most activities will be presented in three or four week units.  Basic skills, techniques and game strategies will be presented during each selected activity.  Drills, lead-up games, competitions and class tournaments will be …

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Senior P.E. & Athletic Leadership

Physical Education 11 & 12 This is a physical education / recreation-oriented course, which is designed to familiarize a student with recreational facilities in the community, to introduce many recreational and leisure activities, and to develop leadership and group dynamics through participation and volunteer activities.  Students will study a first aid unit and take on …

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Strength and Conditioning 11/12

COURSE GOALS: To develop a greater understanding of the components of strength, flexibility, power, speed, endurance, agility, balance and cardio-vascular fitness To introduce the concepts of functional movement, variation and intensity The aim is to also increase a student’s self esteem and athletic skill level Strength and Conditioning 2014 Video

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Strength and Conditioning Junior

Strength & Conditioning 9/10 is available to students in grades 9 or 10 who have an interest in strength & conditioning, as a lifelong fitness activity.  The course will include a comprehensive study of weight training techniques, experience with different weight training programs and an examination of various issues surrounding weight training.   Students will be …

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