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Junior P.E.

Physical Education 9

PE 9 is an extension of PE 8 where emphasis is placed upon exposure to a range of activities.  Most activities will be presented in three or four week units.  Basic skills, techniques and game strategies will be presented during each selected activity.  Drills, lead-up games, competitions and class tournaments will be used in these developments.  In addition, a working knowledge of game rules will be emphasized.  Cardiovascular activities will form an integral part in most class periods.  Evaluation will focus on fitness, skills, effort, participation and sportsmanship.  Active participation will be required of all students.

Physical Education 10

PE 10 develops the basics as well as focuses on activities in the hope that students will leave PE with a positive view of recreation.  Areas stressed are fitness, badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball, dance, soccer, softball, aerobics, pickleball and cross country running.  Evaluation is based upon fitness assessment, skills, knowledge, effort, sportsmanship and class participation.


Fitness Lifestyle 10

This course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to become fit for life.  The focus of the physical fitness portion will be to participate in a variety of activities such as walking/hiking, yoga, weight training, aerobics, rollerblading, kayaking, cycling, snowshoeing, etc.  The course will also have a theoretical aspect in which we will explore topics such as healthy eating, stress management, sleep, and a variety of other topics related to improving our health and wellness.

Note:  PE strip is a requirement for success in Physical Education!

Some Field Trips Junior classes could attend include:

  • Ice Skating
  • Bowling
  • Laser Tag
  • Snow Tubing