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Senior P.E. & Athletic Leadership

Physical Education 11 & 12

This is a physical education / recreation-oriented course, which is designed to familiarize a student with recreational facilities in the community, to introduce many recreational and leisure activities, and to develop leadership and group dynamics through participation and volunteer activities.  Students will study a first aid unit and take on at least one school project to organize and / or present to the class.  Senior P.E. students are strongly advised to choose and commit to one of the school’s athletic programs.  Each student must complete voluteer community hours of service.

Each student is expected to participate in all activities of the class and have the following equipment or be prepared to rent it:  runners, T-shirts, shorts, swim suit, towel, skates, skis, bicycle.  P.E. strip must always be available.  Students must also complete 20 hours of athletic department service hours to receive credit for this course.


Athletic Leadership 11 & 12

Athletic Leadership 10/11/12 is directed to students who enjoy a high level of physical activity and wish to take more of a leadership role in the school. Students will be expected to assist in organizing special events related to athletics at the school including tournaments and athletic pep rallies. Students in Athletic Leadership will also be involved in running the Saints Intramural program, and minor officiating at Saints Athletics sporting events including evenings and Saturdays. Evaluation will be based on their day-to-day participation in and out of the class time, 100 volunteer hours log, skills, knowledge of rules, effort, sportsmanship and overall leadership. This course will run off the regular timetable and offers an excellent opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills.