LSS Community Round Table

Community Round Table:

The Community Round Table was formed in the 2009-2010 school year as a result of a motion passed by the School Board following a presentation by parents on the value of using a Community Round Table at LSS to assist in the amalgamation of HD Stafford and Langley Secondary.


The Community Round Table at Langley Secondary School is a body representative of the school community as well as the surrounding community. Currently it is structured to include representatives from each of the following school community groups: teachers, CUPE staff, parents, students and administration as well as representatives from outside of the school walls: Langley Township, City of Langley, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. The purpose of the Community Round Table is to discuss issues and ideas around school community improvement in a collaborative manner.  It is not a decision-making body, but rather a think-tank whose focus has been on improving engagement and bridges within the Langley Secondary family of schools and the broader community.  Student engagement is key to improving student achievement.  Bridges are key to the future success for our Langley Secondary family of schools and our community.


This is a forum that engages the City of Langley and the Township of Langley, the school district, and Kwantlen University in discussions that have led to the following initiatives over the past couple of years:

  1. Finalizing the School’s Vision and Mission Statements.
  2. Purchasing an Electronic Sign to Modernize LSS.  The LSS PAC has contributed the majority of the funds or the sign.  In addition, both the Township and the City granted LSS $5000 each towards the sign.  Kwantlen University Horticulture Program is designing and planting the garden around the sign to beautify it.
  3. Kwantlen Xcel Program whereby our grade 12 students have the opportunity to take university courses in their grade 12 year for free!
  4. Support for Homeless Youth at LSS  We have a number of homeless youth each year at LSS. We are concerned that we are not able to support these students outside of the school day so we wanted to connect to community organizations that can help them.  To this end, the Community Round Table connected the school to Aldergrove Neighborhood Services and now a youth worker from their organization works out of LSS on Mondays to connect with students in the school who are homeless.  This youth worker connects them to resources outside of LSS in the community to support them.
  5. Healthy Living/Recreation Partnership with Township- The Township of Langley is offering an after school program on Tuesdays at LSS free for LSS students. Drop-in sports, yoga, zumba etc.


Kwantlen Xcel Students pose in front of the new Electronic sign – 2 CRT initiatives in one!

Who sits on the LSS Community Roundtable?

  •  Dawne Tomlinson Principal LSS
  • Sean Wicker, VP LSS
  • Sharla Mauger – Special Education Assistant, LSS
  • Laurence Greef – Teacher
  • David Lewis – Teacher
  • Charlie Fox, Town Councillor
  • Rosemary Wallace, City Councillor
  • Craig Brown, Kwantlen University
  • Tina Papatolis, Township Parks and Rec
  • Megan Townsend – City Parks and Rec
  • Tracie Northway – Parent
  • Shannon Walker – Student
  • Noah Daniels – Student
  • Darian MacKay – Student