FOCUS Program at Langley Secondary School


Who is this program for?

This program is designed for students who are grade 10 age but may be carrying one or more grade 9 academic course. The program is NOT designed for identified students but is intended to reduce the strain on resource classrooms. The program is intended for gray area students who do not function well in a regular classroom setting and need additional support or adaptations. The program is also available to grade 10 students who would like to continue in the FOCUS program for their grade 11 core courses (ScTech 11, EMa11, COM11 and SS11).


Courses Offered:

MEn-10-FS – English 10

MSc-10-FS – Science 10

A&W Ma 10 – Apprentice and Workplace 10 Math

MSS-10-FS – SS 10

MCom-11-FS – Communications 11

MScT-11-FS – Science and Tech 11

A&W Ma 11 – Apprentice and Workplace 11 Math

MSS-11-FS – SS 11


How is the program set up?

Students take anywhere from 1-4 academic courses in the FOCUS program. They have the choice of completing their courses one at a time in a semester-like format (one block per subject) or they can work on a year-long schedule. In the year-long schedule, students usually have 2-3 blocks of FOCUS each semester (depending on their needs) and they work on all 4 subjects at their own pace, writing the exams at the end of the year.


What kind of support is available to students?

There are two teachers in the FOCUS Program; one Science/Math teacher and one Socials/English teacher. Students are given adaptations based on their individual needs as well as individualized, direct instruction. Course materials are laid out in organized modules that allow students to work at their own pace. There is also a Teaching Assistant available to help students with their work and provide additional support.


How can my child become a part of the FOCUS Program?

*note – students wishing to enter FOCUS for September  should have applications in to LSS by mid-June.


If you are interested in this Program…

  1. Pick up a FOCUS APPLICATION FORM from the office or counseling center at your school and return it to LSS (Attn: Marci Statham, Counsellor)
  2. Ask your child’s counselor to fill out a FOCUS REFERRAL FORM and have them return it to LSS (Attn: Marci Statham, Counsellor).
  3. Parents will then be contacted by the school to set up an INTAKE MEETING at which time the teachers in the FOCUS program will determine whether or not their child is a match for the program.


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