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Baseball Academy


We are very excited to launch our Baseball Academy for the 2014-2015 school year.  The academy is in partnership with the Langley Blaze Baseball Club. The academy will have access to fabulous facilities on site.


Head Instructors: Jamie Bodaly – Head Coach of Langley Blaze    Corey Eckstein – Sandlot Baseball/Yale Baseball Academy

LSS Teacher: Troy Bannister

Fee per year: $1885  (payment plan available)

For more information, go to:  www.lssbaseballacademy.com

Email: lssbaseballacademy@gmail.com

Phone: Sean Wicker at LSS   604-534-4171

Registration is Limited

Application Form Coming Soon Here: Baseball Registration Form 

Download (PDF, 3.19MB)




Course Synopsis/Rationale for the Program

The Langley Secondary Baseball Academy is a unique program in which diverse students train together with the common purpose of improving their individual and team skills in baseball.  The program is open to all students at all skill levels and the focus is on individual skill and team tactical development.  The students will have two baseball academy blocks every day in the second semester.  The on field staff will consist of a Head Instructor and at least one assistant instructor every session in addition to a Langley Secondary teacher assigned to the baseball academy.


Langley Secondary & Langley Blaze Partnership

 Langley Secondary is partnering with the Langley Blaze Baseball Club to coordinate and run the LSS Baseball Academy.  The Langley Blaze Baseball Club is considered one of the premier baseball clubs in the country; continually winning provincial and national championships at the team level.   They can also boast 30+ players being drafted to Major League Baseball over the past 12 seasons, along with hundreds of players receiving Canadian and American college or university commitments.


General Information

  • Students attend LSS all year – the baseball academy blocks fall in the second semester
  • The baseball academy blocks will be back to back (1 & 2 or 3 & 4) to ensure that the class runs continuous for 159 minutes of instruction on a daily basis.
  • Students will be receiving 8 credits through the baseball academy – TBD between 4 credits for grade equivalent Physical Education, 4 credits for Grade Equivalent Strength & Conditioning, and/or 4 credits for Grade Equivalent locally developed Baseball Academy Course




General Baseball Skills

Throwing Mechanics

  • Grip
  • Finding the Target
  • Feet positioning/Stance
  • Arm Action
  • Follow Through

Receiving Mechanics

  • Ready Stance
  • Glove positioning
  • Transfer


  • Swing Mechanics
  • Plate Discipline
  • Plate Approach
  • Situational Hitting
  • Bunting

Base Running

  • Home to First
  • Stealing Second
  • First to Third
  • Tag Up Situations
  • Scoring on a past ball or wild pitch

Positional Baseball Skills


  • Set Up
  • Approach to the Ball
  • Fielding Mechanics
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Double Play Turns
  • Foot Work
  • Situational Play


  • Routes to the Ball
  • Throwing
  • Line Drive Work
  • Coming Through the Ball


  • Pitching Mechanics
  • Setting up the Hitter
  • Pick Offs
  • Mental Side of Pitching


  • Receiving
  • Blocking
  • Throwing
  • Game Calling
  • Pitcher Management

Team Development Skills

  • Situational Infield Practice
  • Situational Outfield Practice
  • Hitting the Cuts
  • Bunt Defense
  • Pick Offs
  • Defending Steals

Classroom Material

  • Mental side of baseball
  • Baseball strategy
  • Careers in baseball
  • Baseball opportunities and pathways
  • NCAA registration and requirements
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Video analysis

Other Activities/PE Components

  • Weightlifting
  • Yoga
  • Core Fitness
  • Cardiovascular Training


Typical Baseball Academy Day – 159 Minutes

  • Warm Up Run & Stretch
  • Throwing Program
  • Pick Ups
  • Individual Development – Pitchers, Catchers, Infielders, and Outfielders
  • Team Development
  • Base Running
  • Batting Practice
  • Field/Facility Clean Up


Assessment Component

The grade for the program is derived from the student’s achievement of the outcomes.

  • On Field Skills – 50%
  • Off Field Skills and Fitness – 30%
  • Cognitive and Psychological Skills – 20%


Resources – Equipment/Facilities/Clothing

  • Facilities – Langley Blaze Diamond, McLeod Athletic Stadium Turf Field, TOL Lacrosse Box, and Langley Blaze Indoor Training Facility (Logan Ave)
  • Clothing – all students will have a LSS Baseball Academy hat, 2 t-shirts, shorts, and a hoody.  Students will provide their own baseball pants.
  • Resources – all regular baseball equipment plus protective field screens.  Players will provide gloves and bats.